Battle Beds

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Battle Beds HPM4291

Trailer style rising tension build ups for promos reality shows and sports

Hitpoint Music HPM4291

  • 001Simmering TensionMain2:30
  • 002Simmering TensionNo Perc2:30
  • 003Simmering TensionNo Strings2:30
  • 004Simmering TensionStraight In0:45
  • 005Simmering TensionSting0:15
  • 006Every Moment CountsMain2:02
  • 007Every Moment CountsNo Perc2:02
  • 008Every Moment CountsNo Strings2:02
  • 009Every Moment CountsStraight In0:51
  • 010Every Moment CountsSting0:15
  • 011In The Firing LineMain2:12
  • 012In The Firing LineNo Perc2:12
  • 013In The Firing LineNo Strings2:12
  • 014In The Firing LineStraight In0:49
  • 015In The Firing LineSting0:15
  • 016Spoiling For A FightMain2:23
  • 017Spoiling For A FightNo Perc2:23
  • 018Spoiling For A FightNo Strings2:23
  • 019Spoiling For A FightStraight In1:00
  • 020Spoiling For A FightSting0:16
  • 021False InformationMain2:33
  • 022False InformationNo Perc2:33
  • 023False InformationNo Strings2:33
  • 024False InformationStraight In0:49
  • 025False InformationSting0:09
  • 026Using The FactsMain2:25
  • 027Using The FactsNo Perc2:25
  • 028Using The FactsNo Strings2:25
  • 029Using The FactsStraight In0:48
  • 030Using The FactsSting0:12
  • 031Do Or DieMain2:15
  • 032Do Or DieNo Perc2:15
  • 033Do Or DieNo Strings2:15
  • 034Do Or DieStraight In0:39
  • 035Do Or DieSting0:12
  • 036Bite The BulletMain2:10
  • 037Bite The BulletNo Perc2:10
  • 038Bite The BulletNo Strings2:10
  • 039Bite The BulletStraight In0:50
  • 040Bite The BulletSting0:15
  • 041Battle Transition OneMain1:24
  • 042Battle Transition OneNo Perc1:24
  • 043Battle Transition OneNo Strings1:24
  • 044Battle Transition OneLong Sting0:16
  • 045Battle Transition OneShort Sting0:11
  • 046Battle Transition TwoMain0:52
  • 047Battle Transition TwoNo Perc0:52
  • 048Battle Transition TwoNo Strings0:52
  • 049Battle Transition TwoSting0:13
  • 050Battle Transition ThreeMain0:48
  • 051Battle Transition ThreeNo Perc0:48
  • 052Battle Transition ThreeNo Strings0:48
  • 053Battle Transition ThreeSting0:11
  • 054Battle Transition FourMain0:46
  • 055Battle Transition FourNo Perc0:46
  • 056Battle Transition FourNo Strings0:46
  • 057Battle Transition FourSting0:11




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