Dark Electro Pop

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Dark Electro Pop HPM4290

Emotional dark pop songs and instrumentals

Hitpoint Music HPM4290

  • 001Flying EasyMain2:08
  • 002Flying EasyInstrumental2:08
  • 003Flying EasySparse2:08
  • 004Flying Easy30sec0:30
  • 005Late Night DriveMain2:45
  • 006Late Night DriveInstrumental2:45
  • 007Late Night DriveSparse2:45
  • 008Late Night Drive30sec0:30
  • 009Lost LandsMain2:29
  • 010Lost LandsInstrumental2:29
  • 011Lost LandsSparse2:29
  • 012Lost Lands30sec0:30
  • 013Tease MeMain2:42
  • 014Tease MeInstrumental2:42
  • 015Tease MeSparse2:42
  • 016Tease Me30sec0:30
  • 017Back StreetMain2:21
  • 018Back StreetInstrumental2:21
  • 019Back StreetSparse2:21
  • 020Back Street30sec0:30
  • 021SwerveMain2:30
  • 022SwerveInstrumental2:30
  • 023SwerveSparse2:30
  • 024Swerve30sec0:30
  • 025Will Not ForgetMain2:31
  • 026Will Not ForgetInstrumental2:31
  • 027Will Not ForgetSparse2:31
  • 028Will Not Forget30sec0:30




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