Inquisitive Minds

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Inquisitive Minds HPM4284

Curious and playful quirky incidental cues with a sense of adventure

Hitpoint Music HPM4284

  • 001Ridiculous ReasonsMain1:33
  • 002Ridiculous ReasonsNo Melody1:33
  • 003Ridiculous ReasonsNo Mallets Keys1:33
  • 004Ridiculous ReasonsStrings1:33
  • 005ConundrumMain1:58
  • 006ConundrumNo Harp1:58
  • 007ConundrumNo Piano1:58
  • 008ConundrumOrchestra1:58
  • 009Imagination ChaseMain1:53
  • 010Imagination ChaseNo Melody1:53
  • 011Imagination ChaseNo Mallets1:53
  • 012Imagination ChaseStrings1:53
  • 013Crafty ChapsMain1:32
  • 014Crafty ChapsNo Melody1:32
  • 015Crafty ChapsStrings1:32
  • 016EscapadesMain1:38
  • 017EscapadesNo Melody1:38
  • 018EscapadesRhythm Section1:38
  • 019Crazy CreaturesMain1:34
  • 020Crazy CreaturesNo Melody1:34
  • 021Crazy CreaturesNo Perc1:34
  • 022Crazy CreaturesRhythm Section1:34
  • 023Well I NeverMain1:32
  • 024Well I NeverNo Accordion1:32
  • 025Well I NeverStrings1:32
  • 026Light BulbMain2:11
  • 027Light BulbNo Melody2:11
  • 028Light BulbNo Vocals2:11
  • 029Ice QueenMain2:10
  • 030Ice QueenNo Toy Piano2:10
  • 031Ice QueenNo Strings2:10
  • 032Power Of ThinkingMain1:55
  • 033Power Of ThinkingNo Melody1:55
  • 034Power Of ThinkingNo Sax1:55
  • 035Power Of ThinkingOrchestra1:55




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