Easy Beats

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Easy Beats HPM4283

Chill out grooves and relaxed jazzy beats

Hitpoint Music HPM4283

  • 001Urban ChilloutMain2:45
  • 002Urban ChilloutNo Lead2:45
  • 003Wind DownMain1:52
  • 004Wind DownNo Lead1:52
  • 005Kick Back RelaxMain2:15
  • 006Kick Back RelaxNo Lead2:15
  • 007Bed Of RosesMain2:19
  • 008Bed Of RosesNo Lead2:19
  • 009Bed Of RosesNo Drums Bass2:19
  • 010Bed Of RosesNo Lead Drums Bass2:19
  • 011UnwindMain2:05
  • 012UnwindNo Lead2:05
  • 013Lazy JazzerMain2:35
  • 014Lazy JazzerNo Lead2:35
  • 015Down TimeMain2:08
  • 016Down TimeNo Lead2:08
  • 017Cool CucumberMain2:05
  • 018Cool CucumberNo Lead2:05
  • 019Cool CucumberNo Drums Bass2:05
  • 020Take A BreathMain2:11
  • 021Pure BlissMain2:23
  • 022Pure BlissNo Lead2:23




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