World Pizz

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World Pizz HPM4282

Pizzicato quirky beds featuring live recorded percussion with world music flavours

Hitpoint Music HPM4282

  • 001Thats BazaarMain1:57
  • 002Thats BazaarNo Brass1:57
  • 003Thats BazaarNo Perc1:57
  • 004Thats BazaarPerc1:57
  • 005Thats BazaarStrings1:57
  • 006Suave VacationMain1:21
  • 007Suave VacationSparse1:21
  • 008Suave VacationNo Perc1:21
  • 009Suave VacationPerc1:21
  • 010Suave VacationStrings1:21
  • 011Who Is The Bossa NowMain1:38
  • 012Who Is The Bossa NowNo Perc1:38
  • 013Who Is The Bossa NowPerc1:38
  • 014Who Is The Bossa NowSting 10:07
  • 015Who Is The Bossa NowSting 20:05
  • 016Vineyards Of DesireMain1:29
  • 017Vineyards Of DesireNo Accordion1:29
  • 018Vineyards Of DesireStrings1:29
  • 019MirageMain1:45
  • 020MirageNo Perc1:45
  • 021MiragePerc1:45
  • 022MirageStrings1:45
  • 023Giving The EyesMain2:03
  • 024Giving The EyesNo Perc2:03
  • 025Giving The EyesNo Woodwind2:03
  • 026Giving The EyesPerc2:03
  • 027Giving The EyesStrings2:03
  • 028Most CuriousMain1:39
  • 029Most CuriousNo Perc1:39
  • 030Most CuriousNo Woodwind1:39
  • 031Most CuriousStrings1:39
  • 032Mind The StepMain1:48
  • 033Mind The StepNo Perc1:48
  • 034Mind The StepNo Ethnic Instruments1:48
  • 035Mind The StepPizz1:48
  • 036Dancing With FireMain1:33
  • 037Dancing With FireNo Accordion1:33
  • 038Dancing With FireNo Guitars1:33
  • 039Dancing With FireNo Keys1:33
  • 040Dancing With FireNo Mallets1:33
  • 041Dancing With FireNo Perc1:33
  • 042Dancing With FireNo Strings1:33
  • 043Dancing With FireNo Trumpet1:33
  • 044Dancing With FireStrings1:33
  • 045Surprise ShakeMain1:32
  • 046Surprise ShakeNo Keys1:32
  • 047Surprise ShakeNo Mallets1:32
  • 048Surprise ShakeNo Perc1:32
  • 049Surprise ShakeStrings1:32




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