Winter Landscape

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Winter Landscape HPM4281

Orchestral documentary scoring cues with clean crisp textures featuring harp

Hitpoint Music HPM4281

  • 001Special TimesMain1:56
  • 002Special TimesNo Piano1:56
  • 003Special TimesNo Harp1:56
  • 004Special TimesHarp1:56
  • 005Lights From The NorthMain1:51
  • 006Lights From The NorthHarp1:51
  • 007Peace At LastMain2:02
  • 008Winter TideMain1:36
  • 009Winter TideNo Ethnic Instruments1:36
  • 010Winter TideNo Guitars1:36
  • 011Winter TideNo Harp1:36
  • 012Winter TideNo Perc1:36
  • 013Winter TideNo Piano1:36
  • 014Winter TideNo Strings1:36
  • 015Winter TideHarp1:36
  • 016Thoughts Of Our YouthMain1:52
  • 017Thoughts Of Our YouthHarp1:52
  • 018Thoughts Of Our YouthSynths1:52
  • 019Feel At HomeMain1:53
  • 020Feel At HomeHarp Synths1:53
  • 021Feel At HomeHarp1:53
  • 022Days And DaysMain1:49
  • 023Days And DaysNo Guitars1:49
  • 024Days And DaysNo Harp1:49
  • 025Days And DaysNo Perc1:49
  • 026Days And DaysNo Pianos1:49
  • 027Days And DaysNo Strings1:49
  • 028Days And DaysHarp1:49
  • 029A Childs SmileMain1:48
  • 030A Childs SmileNo Cello1:48
  • 031A Childs SmileNo Guitars1:48
  • 032A Childs SmileNo Harp1:48
  • 033A Childs SmileNo Piano1:48




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