Reality Beats 2

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Reality Beats 2 HPM4280

Hard hitting modern orchestral beds with hip hop beats ideal for reality shows urban lifestyle and sports

Hitpoint Music HPM4280

  • 001Inner LoyaltyMain1:55
  • 002Inner LoyaltyNo Perc1:55
  • 003Inner LoyaltyNo Strings1:55
  • 004Inner LoyaltyNo Synths1:55
  • 005Inner LoyaltyNo Keys1:55
  • 006Inner LoyaltySynths Perc1:55
  • 007Inner LoyaltyKeys Strings1:55
  • 008Be The BestMain1:42
  • 009Be The BestNo Perc1:42
  • 010Be The BestNo Synths1:42
  • 011Be The BestStrings1:42
  • 012More To GainMain1:39
  • 013More To GainNo Perc1:39
  • 014More To GainNo Strings1:39
  • 015Last One StandingMain1:43
  • 016Last One StandingNo Perc1:43
  • 017Last One StandingNo Strings1:43
  • 018Last One StandingNo Synths1:43
  • 019Last One StandingDown Tempo1:52
  • 020Public JudgementMain1:29
  • 021Public JudgementNo Perc1:29
  • 022Public JudgementNo Pianos1:29
  • 023Public JudgementNo Strings1:29
  • 024Public JudgementNo Synths1:29
  • 025The RulesMain1:58
  • 026The RulesNo Perc1:58
  • 027The RulesNo Strings1:58
  • 028The RulesNo Synths1:58
  • 029MentalityMain1:51
  • 030MentalityNo Perc1:51
  • 031MentalityNo Strings1:51
  • 032Roll The DiceMain1:36
  • 033Roll The DiceNo Brass1:36
  • 034Roll The DiceNo Perc1:36
  • 035Roll The DiceNo Strings1:36
  • 036Roll The DiceNo Synths1:36
  • 037Roll The DiceSparse1:36
  • 038Roll The DiceStraight In1:06
  • 039Getting It DoneMain1:58
  • 040Getting It DoneNo Perc1:58
  • 041Getting It DoneNo Strings1:58
  • 042Earning StripesMain1:43
  • 043Earning StripesNo Orchestra1:43
  • 044Earning StripesNo Perc1:43




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