Crime Investigation

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Crime Investigation HPM4279

Mystery intrigue and suspense for research discovery science and criminal investigative scenes

Hitpoint Music HPM4279

  • 001Clandestine MovesMain2:29
  • 002Clandestine MovesSparse2:29
  • 003Precarious PrayerMain2:15
  • 004Precarious PrayerSparse2:15
  • 005Fifty FiftyMain1:56
  • 006Fifty FiftySparse1:56
  • 007Covered UpMain2:30
  • 008Covered UpSparse2:27
  • 009Crime SceneMain2:10
  • 010Crime SceneNo Perc2:10
  • 011Crime SceneNo Piano2:10
  • 012Crime SceneNo Strings2:10
  • 013Crime SceneSynths2:10
  • 016Lies And More LiesMain2:34
  • 017Lies And More LiesSparse2:34
  • 018His Secret LifeMain2:17
  • 019His Secret LifeSparse2:17
  • 020Arresting TensionMain2:04
  • 021Arresting TensionSparse2:04
  • 022Initial SuspectMain1:45
  • 023Initial SuspectNo Perc1:45
  • 024Initial SuspectNo Piano1:45
  • 025Initial SuspectNo Strings1:45
  • 026Initial SuspectNo Synths1:45
  • 027Initial SuspectSynths1:45
  • 028Initial SuspectDramatic Mix1:45
  • 029Which One To TakeMain1:44
  • 030Which One To TakeNo Perc1:44
  • 031Which One To TakeNo Piano1:44
  • 032Which One To TakeSynths1:44
  • 033IncomingMain1:54
  • 034IncomingNo Perc1:54
  • 035IncomingNo Strings1:54
  • 036Fear TensionMain2:10
  • 037Fear TensionSparse2:10
  • 038Forensic EvidenceMain1:55
  • 039Forensic EvidenceNo Perc1:55
  • 040Forensic EvidenceNo Strings1:55
  • 041Forensic EvidenceSynths Perc1:55
  • 042Outcome PendingMain1:53
  • 043Outcome PendingNo Perc1:53
  • 044Outcome PendingNo Piano1:53
  • 045Outcome PendingNo Synths1:53
  • 046Outcome PendingNo Acoustic Guitars1:53
  • 047The Choice Is YoursMain1:54
  • 048The Choice Is YoursNo Perc1:54
  • 049The Choice Is YoursNo Strings1:54
  • 050The Choice Is YoursSynths1:54




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