Acoustic Pop 2

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Acoustic Pop 2 HPM4278

Fresh pop tunes featuring acoustic guitar

Hitpoint Music HPM4278

  • 001OklahomaMain2:24
  • 002OklahomaNo Vox2:24
  • 003OklahomaNo Drums2:24
  • 004OklahomaNo Vox Drums2:24
  • 005OklahomaGuitars2:24
  • 006OklahomaGuitars No Vox2:24
  • 007Me AmoreMain2:22
  • 008Me AmoreNo Drums2:22
  • 009VeniceMain2:12
  • 010VeniceNo Vox2:12
  • 011VeniceNo Drums2:12
  • 012VeniceNo Vox Drums2:12
  • 013VeniceGuitars2:12
  • 014VeniceGuitars No Vox2:12
  • 015Slow The Funk DownMain2:10
  • 016Slow The Funk DownNo Drums5:10
  • 017Slow The Funk DownGuitars2:10
  • 018If OnlyMain2:18
  • 019If OnlyNo Ambience2:18
  • 020If OnlyNo Drums2:18
  • 021Timber LandMain2:03
  • 022Timber LandNo Drums2:03
  • 023Timber LandLooped Bed2:02
  • 024Timber LandLooped Bed No Drums2:03
  • 025Spanish VibeMain2:16
  • 026Spanish VibeNo Drums2:16
  • 027My MyMain2:04
  • 028My MySparse2:04
  • 029Pump ItMain1:46
  • 030Pump ItNo Drums1:46
  • 031Pump ItSparse1:46
  • 032Home And AwayMain2:32
  • 033Home And AwayNo Nylon Guitar2:32
  • 034Home And AwayNo Drums2:32




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