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Tropicana HPM4277

Funky electro pop with more than a hint of the 80s

Hitpoint Music HPM4277

  • 001Cool BreezeMain2:08
  • 002Cool BreezeNo Top Line2:08
  • 003Cool BreezeNo Drums2:08
  • 004Cool BreezeNo Top Line Drums2:08
  • 005A Little LongerMain3:13
  • 006A Little LongerNo Sax3:13
  • 007A Little LongerNo Drums3:13
  • 008A Little LongerNo Sax Drums3:13
  • 009A Little LongerAmbient Piano Mix3:13
  • 010Ocean DriveMain2:02
  • 011Ocean DriveNo Top Line2:02
  • 012Ocean DriveSparse2:02
  • 013Ocean DriveSparse No Top Line2:11
  • 014Summer DazeMain2:14
  • 015Summer DazeNo Top Line2:14
  • 016Summer DazeNo Drums2:14
  • 017Summer DazeNo Top Line Drums2:14
  • 018OrbitingMain2:33
  • 019OrbitingNo Vox2:33
  • 020OrbitingNo Top Line2:33
  • 021OrbitingNo Vox Top Line2:33
  • 022OrbitingNo Drums2:33
  • 023Outside SunMain2:22
  • 024Outside SunNo Vox2:22
  • 025Outside SunNo Drums2:22
  • 026Outside SunNo Drums Bass2:22
  • 027Outside SunKeys2:22
  • 028TropicsMain2:11
  • 029TropicsNo Vox2:11
  • 030TropicsNo Top Line2:11
  • 031TropicsNo Vox Top Line2:11
  • 032TropicsPads Pluck2:11
  • 033RunningMain1:57
  • 034RunningNo Top Line1:57
  • 035RunningNo Drums1:57
  • 036RunningNo Top Line Drums1:57




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