East West Scenes

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East West Scenes HPM4272

Modern orchestral scoring with subtle Asian flavours

Hitpoint Music HPM4272

  • 001Sunrise PlansMain2:25
  • 002Sunrise PlansNo Ethnic Instruments2:25
  • 003Sunrise PlansNo Guitars2:25
  • 004Sunrise PlansNo Perc2:25
  • 005Sunrise PlansNo Strings2:25
  • 006Sunrise PlansNo Synths2:25
  • 007Only The Brave WinMain2:05
  • 008Only The Brave WinNo Ethnic Instruments2:05
  • 009Only The Brave WinNo Perc2:05
  • 010Only The Brave WinNo Strings2:05
  • 011Only The Brave WinNo Synths2:05
  • 012Only The Brave WinSynths Perc2:05
  • 013Mental PrecisionMain2:30
  • 014Mental PrecisionNo Ethnic Instruments2:30
  • 015Mental PrecisionNo Perc2:30
  • 016Mental PrecisionNo Strings2:30
  • 017Mental PrecisionNo Synths2:30
  • 018Bells Of FocusMain2:05
  • 019Bells Of FocusNo Ethnic Instruments2:05
  • 020Bells Of FocusNo Guitars2:05
  • 021Bells Of FocusNo Perc2:05
  • 022Bells Of FocusNo Strings2:05
  • 023Bells Of FocusNo Synths2:05
  • 024Hard WorkMain2:27
  • 025Hard WorkNo Ethnic Instruments2:27
  • 026Hard WorkNo Guitars2:27
  • 027Hard WorkNo Perc2:27
  • 028Hard WorkNo Strings2:27
  • 029Hard WorkNo Synths2:27
  • 030Personal ReflectionMain1:54
  • 031Personal ReflectionNo Ethnic Instruments1:54
  • 032Personal ReflectionNo Guitars1:54
  • 033Personal ReflectionNo Perc1:54
  • 034Personal ReflectionNo Strings1:54
  • 035Mechanical ProgressMain2:24
  • 036Mechanical ProgressNo Ethnic Instruments2:24
  • 037Mechanical ProgressNo Perc2:24
  • 038Mechanical ProgressNo Strings2:24
  • 039Mechanical ProgressNo Synths2:24
  • 040No Time To WaitMain2:22
  • 041No Time To WaitNo Ethnic Instruments2:22
  • 042No Time To WaitNo Perc2:22
  • 043No Time To WaitNo Strings2:22
  • 044No Time To WaitNo Synths2:22
  • 045No Time To WaitNo Woodwind2:22
  • 046Direct TalkingMain2:16
  • 047Direct TalkingNo Ethnic Instruments2:16
  • 048Direct TalkingNo Choir2:16
  • 049Direct TalkingNo Guitars2:16
  • 050Direct TalkingNo Perc2:16
  • 051Direct TalkingNo Strings2:16
  • 052Direct TalkingNo Synths2:16
  • 053Direct TalkingSynths Perc2:16
  • 054Reality SeekersMain1:57
  • 055Reality SeekersNo Ethnic Instruments1:57
  • 056Reality SeekersNo Strings1:57
  • 057Reality SeekersNo Synths1:57




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