In The Shadows

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In The Shadows HPM4270

Tension and dark drama

Hitpoint Music HPM4270

  • 001InjusticeMain1:43
  • 002InjusticeSynths1:43
  • 003Constant InsomniaMain1:35
  • 004Constant InsomniaNo Strings1:35
  • 005Burning DreamsMain1:36
  • 006Burning DreamsNo Perc1:36
  • 007Burning DreamsSparse1:36
  • 008Early ProphecyMain1:37
  • 009Early ProphecyNo Perc1:37
  • 010It Is InevitableMain1:42
  • 011It Is InevitableNo Perc1:42
  • 012It Is InevitableNo Strings1:42
  • 013It Is InevitableStrings1:42
  • 014It Is InevitableSynths1:42
  • 015The SuspectedMain1:59
  • 016The SuspectedNo Perc1:59
  • 017The SuspectedNo Piano1:59
  • 018The SuspectedNo Ethnic Instruments1:59
  • 019The SuspectedSynths Perc1:59
  • 020Lost In The EtherMain1:50
  • 021Lost In The EtherNo Harp1:50
  • 022Lost In The EtherNo Perc1:50
  • 023Lost In The EtherSynths1:50
  • 024Original SinMain1:50
  • 025Original SinNo Vocals1:50
  • 026Original SinNo Woodwind1:50
  • 027Original SinNo Strings1:50
  • 028Original SinStrings1:50
  • 029Original SinSynths1:50
  • 030Misguided SoulsMain1:32
  • 031Misguided SoulsNo Piano1:32
  • 032Misguided SoulsNo Strings1:32
  • 033Misguided SoulsSynths1:32
  • 034Mind TrappedMain1:35
  • 035Personal AbyssMain1:30




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