Dark Pulses

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Dark Pulses HPM4268

Tense electronic and modern orchestral pulsating music beds

Hitpoint Music HPM4268

  • 001Distress SignalMain1:41
  • 002Distress SignalNo Big Drums1:41
  • 003Distress SignalNo Perc1:41
  • 004Atomic BacklashMain1:33
  • 005Atomic BacklashNo Staccato Strings1:33
  • 006Atomic BacklashNo Perc1:33
  • 007Atomic BacklashSparse1:33
  • 008Knife EdgeMain1:33
  • 009Knife EdgeNo Perc1:33
  • 010Knife EdgeNo Strings1:33
  • 011Unfolding TimeMain1:53
  • 012Unfolding TimeNo Synths1:53
  • 013Unfolding TimeSynths1:53
  • 014Nuclear ProtocolMain1:38
  • 015Nuclear ProtocolNo Perc1:38
  • 016Keeping ControlMain1:32
  • 017Keeping ControlNo Perc1:32
  • 018Impending AlertMain1:42
  • 019Impending AlertSynths1:42
  • 020Impending AlertPerc1:42
  • 021Distance KeptMain1:56
  • 022Distance KeptNo Perc1:56
  • 023Distance KeptSparse1:56
  • 024Distance KeptSynths1:56
  • 025Isolation FearMain1:30
  • 026Isolation FearNo Perc1:30
  • 027Solitary ConfinementMain1:38
  • 028Solitary ConfinementNo Strings1:38
  • 029Solitary ConfinementSynths1:38




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