Cinematic Journeys

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Cinematic Journeys HPM4265

Epic landscapes and dramatic scenes

Hitpoint Music HPM4265

  • 001The Fallen GatesMain1:57
  • 002The Fallen GatesNo Perc1:57
  • 003The Fallen GatesNo SFX1:57
  • 004The Fallen GatesNo Strings1:57
  • 005The Fallen GatesNo Ethnic Instruments1:57
  • 006The Fallen GatesSynths Perc1:57
  • 007The Fallen GatesStraight In1:21
  • 008The Fallen GatesBed Loop1:21
  • 009Arcane AscensionMain1:37
  • 010Arcane AscensionNo Perc1:37
  • 011Arcane AscensionNo Piano1:37
  • 012Arcane AscensionNo Strings1:37
  • 013Arcane AscensionNo Synths1:37
  • 014Arcane AscensionStrings1:37
  • 015Arcane AscensionSynths Perc1:37
  • 016Quest UnknownMain1:53
  • 017Quest UnknownNo Guitars1:53
  • 018Quest UnknownNo Orchestra Choir1:53
  • 019Quest UnknownNo Perc1:53
  • 020Quest UnknownNo Piano1:53
  • 021Quest UnknownNo Ethnic Instruments1:53
  • 022Island UniverseMain1:33
  • 023Island UniverseNo Brass1:33
  • 024Island UniverseNo Perc1:33
  • 025Island UniverseNo Strings1:33
  • 026Island UniverseNo Synths1:33
  • 027Island UniverseSynths Perc1:33
  • 028Beyond The AgesMain1:37
  • 029Beyond The AgesNo Boys Choir1:37
  • 030Beyond The AgesNo Strings1:37
  • 031Beyond The AgesSynths1:37
  • 032Our GoodbyesMain1:40
  • 033Our GoodbyesNo Perc1:40
  • 034Our GoodbyesNo Piano1:40
  • 035Our GoodbyesNo Strings1:40
  • 036Our GoodbyesNo Woodwind1:40
  • 037Our GoodbyesUnderscore1:40
  • 038Silver AssassinMain1:37
  • 039Silver AssassinNo Brass1:37
  • 040Silver AssassinNo Perc1:37
  • 041Silver AssassinNo Strings1:37
  • 042Silver AssassinSynths Perc1:37
  • 043Shoulder To ShoulderMain1:44
  • 044Shoulder To ShoulderNo Pianos1:44
  • 045Shoulder To ShoulderNo Strings1:44
  • 046Shoulder To ShoulderNo Synths1:44
  • 047Forgotten DreamsMain1:52
  • 048Forgotten DreamsNo Mallets1:52
  • 049Forgotten DreamsNo Orchestra Choir1:52
  • 050Forgotten DreamsNo Perc1:52
  • 051Forgotten DreamsNo Piano1:52
  • 052Forgotten DreamsNo Strings1:52
  • 053Forgotten DreamsNo Ethnic Instruments1:52
  • 054UncharteredMain2:02
  • 055UncharteredNo Perc2:02
  • 056UncharteredNo Pianos2:02
  • 057UncharteredNo Strings2:02
  • 058UncharteredNo Woodwind2:02
  • 059UncharteredSynths Perc2:02




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