Big Riffs

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Big Riffs HPM4263

Powerful expansive guitar riffs with upbeat drums

Hitpoint Music HPM4263

  • 001Static ShockMain3:00
  • 002Static ShockNo Drums3:00
  • 003RivalsMain2:39
  • 004RivalsNo Drums2:39
  • 005Rivals30sec0:30
  • 006Rivals30sec No Drums0:30
  • 007Festival RousingMain3:14
  • 008Festival RousingNo Drums3:14
  • 009Straight TalkingMain2:11
  • 010Straight TalkingNo Drums2:11
  • 011DrivenMain2:18
  • 012DrivenNo Drums2:18
  • 013Lone WolfMain2:39
  • 014Lone WolfNo Drums2:39
  • 015Lone Wolf30sec0:30
  • 016Lone Wolf30sec No Drums0:30
  • 017Believe In YouMain3:12
  • 018Believe In YouNo Drums3:12
  • 019Believe In YouShort Edit1:06
  • 020Believe In YouShort Edit No Drums1:06
  • 021All I Can GiveMain3:44
  • 022All I Can GiveNo Drums3:44
  • 023All I Can GiveNo Intro3:28
  • 024All I Can GiveNo Intro No Drums3:28




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