English Garden

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English Garden HPM4260

Light and delicate pastoral and formal moments

Hitpoint Music HPM4260

  • 001An English ValleyMain1:17
  • 002An English ValleyNo Solos1:17
  • 003RoseMain1:38
  • 004RoseNo Solos1:38
  • 005LilacsMain1:53
  • 006LilacsNo Solos1:53
  • 007LilacsSolo Violin1:53
  • 008First FlightMain1:54
  • 009First FlightNo Solos1:54
  • 010MagnoliaMain2:28
  • 011Still SereneMain2:09
  • 012Still SereneNo Solos2:09
  • 013Lambs At PlayMain1:10
  • 014Lambs At PlayNo Intro1:04
  • 015Lambs At PlayPiano1:10
  • 016Walled GardenMain2:02




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