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Transformations HPM4259

Tense openings transform into bright happy themes, conveying recovery and rejuvenation, each half available as a separate edit

Hitpoint Music HPM4259

  • 001SuccessMain2:06
  • 002SuccessNo Perc2:06
  • 003SuccessNo Pianos2:06
  • 004SuccessNo Synths2:06
  • 005SuccessStrings2:06
  • 006SuccessIntro Section Main0:41
  • 007SuccessMain Section Main1:28
  • 008Hope TomorrowMain2:05
  • 009Hope TomorrowNo Perc2:05
  • 010Hope TomorrowNo Piano2:05
  • 011Hope TomorrowNo Synth2:07
  • 012Hope TomorrowStrings2:05
  • 013Hope TomorrowIntro Section Main0:40
  • 014Hope TomorrowMain Section Main1:26
  • 015DeterminationMain2:10
  • 016DeterminationNo Perc2:10
  • 017DeterminationNo Piano2:10
  • 018DeterminationNo Synths Guitars2:10
  • 019DeterminationStrings2:10
  • 020DeterminationIntro Section Main0:51
  • 021DeterminationMain Section Main1:27
  • 022Fine ThinkingMain2:16
  • 023Fine ThinkingNo Mallets2:16
  • 024Fine ThinkingNo Perc2:16
  • 025Fine ThinkingNo Pianos2:16
  • 026Fine ThinkingStrings2:16
  • 027Fine ThinkingIntro Section Main0:45
  • 028Fine ThinkingMain Section Main1:37
  • 029AspirationsMain2:23
  • 030AspirationsNo Perc2:23
  • 031AspirationsNo Pianos2:23
  • 032AspirationsNo Synths2:23
  • 033AspirationsStrings2:23
  • 034AspirationsIntro Section Main0:43
  • 035AspirationsMain Section Main1:43
  • 036Total BeliefMain2:18
  • 037Total BeliefNo Perc2:18
  • 038Total BeliefNo Pianos2:18
  • 039Total BeliefNo Synths2:18
  • 040Total BeliefStrings2:18
  • 041Total BeliefIntro Section Main0:48
  • 042Total BeliefMain Section Main1:32




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