Scoring Strings

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Scoring Strings HPM4257

High class documentary scoring with live recorded strings

Hitpoint Music HPM4257

  • 001Hidden TreasuresMain1:22
  • 002Hidden TreasuresStrings1:22
  • 003Supreme BeautyMain1:41
  • 004Supreme BeautyStrings1:41
  • 005Supreme BeautyStrings No Gap1:30
  • 006Splendid VisionMain1:33
  • 007Splendid VisionStrings1:33
  • 008CompassMain1:53
  • 009CompassStrings1:53
  • 010Grand EstateMain1:32
  • 011Grand EstateStrings1:32
  • 012BeholdingMain1:49
  • 013BeholdingStrings1:49
  • 014ExceedMain1:36
  • 015ExceedNo Perc1:36
  • 016ExceedNo Pianos1:36
  • 017ExceedStrings1:36
  • 018Perfect PrecisionMain1:28
  • 019Perfect PrecisionNo Mallets1:28
  • 020Perfect PrecisionNo Pianos1:28
  • 021Perfect PrecisionStrings1:28
  • 022The ArtistMain1:36
  • 023The ArtistNo Mallets1:36
  • 024The ArtistNo Pianos1:36
  • 025The ArtistNo Pianos Glock1:36
  • 026The ArtistStrings1:36
  • 027PerceptionMain2:05
  • 028PerceptionNo Pianos2:05
  • 029PerceptionNo Winds2:05
  • 030PerceptionStrings2:05




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