Acoustic Pop

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Acoustic Pop HPM4255

Stripped back pop music grooves

Hitpoint Music HPM4255

  • 001Breathe AgainMain2:02
  • 002Breathe AgainShort End1:53
  • 003Breathe AgainNo Top Line2:02
  • 004Breathe AgainNo Top Line Short End1:53
  • 005Time AwayMain2:11
  • 006Time AwayNo Perc2:11
  • 007Time AwayNo Top Line2:11
  • 008Time AwayBed1:51
  • 009Placa Del SolMain1:47
  • 010Come Get ItMain1:58
  • 011Come Get ItNo Perc1:58
  • 012Keep OnMain2:23
  • 013Keep OnNo Vox2:23
  • 014Keep OnNo Drums Vox2:23
  • 015Keep OnGuitars Vox2:23
  • 016Keep OnGuitars2:23
  • 017Keep OnBed1:31
  • 018Red AuraMain1:56
  • 019Red AuraNo Vox1:55
  • 020Red AuraNo Perc1:55
  • 021Chill RioMain1:46
  • 022Chill RioNo Perc1:46




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