Pop Hits 4

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Pop Hits 4 HPM4252

Upbeat pop hitters full of bright summer energy

Hitpoint Music HPM4252

  • 001Dance SummerMain2:00
  • 002Dance SummerStraight In1:15
  • 003Beach PleaseMain2:04
  • 004Beach PleaseStraight In1:57
  • 005Magic AirMain2:02
  • 006Magic AirNo Backing Vox2:02
  • 007Long DreamMain2:01
  • 008Long DreamStraight In1:34
  • 009Pina ColadaMain1:50
  • 010Pina ColadaNo Vox1:50
  • 011Pina ColadaStraight In1:43
  • 012Rider LoverMain1:51
  • 013Late SummerMain2:00
  • 014Late SummerStraight In1:46
  • 015Whats UpMain1:48
  • 016The Morning AfterMain1:53
  • 017The Morning AfterStraight In1:43




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