Reality Beats

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Reality Beats HPM4251

Hard hitting modern orchestral beds with hip hop beats ideal for reality shows, urban lifestyle and sports

Hitpoint Music HPM4251

  • 001MisunderstoodMain1:25
  • 002MisunderstoodLess Brass1:25
  • 003ScrutinizeMain1:34
  • 004ScrutinizeNo Strings1:34
  • 005ScrutinizeSparse1:34
  • 006TerritoryMain1:37
  • 007TerritoryLess Brass1:37
  • 008BetrayalMain1:40
  • 009BetrayalNo Strings1:40
  • 010BetrayalSparse1:40
  • 011Da BiznessMain2:10
  • 012Da BiznessNo Strings2:10
  • 013Da BiznessUnspooky2:10
  • 014Da BiznessMain Section1:01
  • 015Last Time For RealMain2:17
  • 016Last Time For RealPiano Section1:11
  • 017Trying ThingsMain2:05
  • 018Trying ThingsNo Vox2:05
  • 019Trying ThingsMain Section1:17
  • 020ConspiracyMain2:07
  • 021ConspiracySparse2:07
  • 022ConspiracyShort1:05




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