Sports Orchestral Hybrid

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Sports Orchestral Hybrid HPM4250

Modern hybrid sports cues blending hip hop beats with powerful orchestral textures

Hitpoint Music HPM4250

  • 001The UnitMain2:23
  • 002The UnitLong Sting0:21
  • 003The UnitShort Sting0:08
  • 004Glory AwaitsMain2:22
  • 005Glory AwaitsOrchestra2:22
  • 006Glory AwaitsNo Orchestra1:40
  • 007Glory AwaitsSection 20:32
  • 008Glory AwaitsSection 30:17
  • 009Glory AwaitsSection 40:35
  • 010Glory AwaitsLong Sting0:18
  • 011Glory AwaitsShort Sting0:10
  • 012Ballin For DollasMain2:20
  • 013Ballin For DollasNo Beats2:20
  • 014Ballin For DollasMain Section0:55
  • 015This Is The GameMain2:24
  • 016This Is The GameNo Beats2:24
  • 017This Is The GameNo Beats Taiko2:24
  • 018This Is The GameMain Section1:17
  • 019Rookie ProbowlerMain2:18
  • 020Rookie ProbowlerNo Drums2:18
  • 021Rookie ProbowlerNo Drums Piano2:18
  • 022Rookie ProbowlerStrings Brass Piano2:18
  • 023Rookie ProbowlerStrings Brass2:18
  • 024Rookie ProbowlerMain Section0:53
  • 025How We Do ItMain2:10
  • 026How We Do ItNo Beats2:10
  • 027How We Do ItOrchestra1:41
  • 028How We Do ItMain Section0:59
  • 029Central HighlightMain2:16
  • 030Central HighlightLess Drums2:16
  • 031Central HighlightNo Beat2:16
  • 032Central HighlightMain Section0:44
  • 033Return Of The ChampionMain2:17
  • 034Return Of The ChampionNo Beats2:17
  • 035Return Of The ChampionStrings Synths2:03
  • 036Return Of The ChampionMain Section0:48




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