House Of Curiosities

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House Of Curiosities HPM4249

Pizzicato incidental scoring cues with a light comedy tone for awkward and silly moments

Hitpoint Music HPM4249

  • 001Cheque PleaseMain1:14
  • 002Cheque PleaseNo Melody1:14
  • 003Cunning PlanMain1:48
  • 004Unlucky HolidayMain0:56
  • 005Curious DevelopmentsMain2:21
  • 006Fly In The IceMain1:05
  • 007Fly In The IceNo Organ1:05
  • 008Not Got A ClueMain1:45
  • 009Tricky CustomerMain1:34
  • 010Bumbling AboutMain1:32
  • 011Bumbling AboutNo Melody1:32
  • 012Comedy Double ActMain1:38
  • 013Embarrassing TubaMain0:43
  • 014Embarrassing TubaSparse0:43
  • 015Amusing StoryMain1:20
  • 016Amusing StoryNo Brass1:20
  • 017Totally ObliviousMain1:09
  • 018Totally ObliviousNo Theremin1:09
  • 019Totally ObliviousSparse1:09
  • 020Awkward MomentMain1:27
  • 021MischievousMain1:08
  • 022Irritating GuestMain1:22
  • 023Hotel LobbyMain1:12




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