Battle Anthems

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Battle Anthems HPM4248

Heroic modern orchestral builds for epic scenes in documentary, sports and video games

Hitpoint Music HPM4248

  • 001Ghost SquadMain1:48
  • 002Ghost SquadNo Strings1:48
  • 003Ghost SquadNo Orchestra1:48
  • 004Ghost SquadEnd Section0:32
  • 005SabotageMain2:00
  • 006SabotageNo Strings2:00
  • 007SabotageNo Brass2:00
  • 008SabotageNo Orch Choir2:00
  • 009Faceless HeroesMain1:43
  • 010Faceless HeroesNo Orchestra1:43
  • 011Faceless HeroesNo Perc1:43
  • 012Without FearMain1:54
  • 013Without FearNo Strings1:54
  • 014Without FearOrch Choir1:54
  • 015Without FearPerc Synths1:54
  • 016In The ShadowsMain1:48
  • 017In The ShadowsNo Strings1:48
  • 018In The ShadowsNo Orchestra1:48
  • 019Threat LevelMain1:43
  • 020Threat LevelNo Strings1:43
  • 021Threat LevelNo Perc1:43
  • 022Threat LevelNo Orchestra1:43
  • 023Threat LevelHeroic Section0:35
  • 024CommandMain2:03
  • 025CommandNo Strings2:03
  • 026CommandNo Orchestra2:03
  • 027CommandOrchestra2:03
  • 028CommandStrings2:03
  • 029EliminationMain1:45
  • 030EliminationNo Strings1:45
  • 031EliminationPerc Synths1:45
  • 032Silent ChaosMain1:46
  • 033Silent ChaosNo Strings1:46
  • 034Silent ChaosNo Brass1:46
  • 035Silent ChaosNo Orchestra1:46
  • 036Victory ChargeMain1:48
  • 037Victory ChargeNo Orchestra1:48
  • 038Victory ChargePerc1:48




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