World Traveller 2

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World Traveller 2 HPM4246

Scene setting music from around the globe

Hitpoint Music HPM4246

  • 001Moscow MornMain1:26
  • 002Moscow MornNo Trem Balalaika1:26
  • 003Cuban CigarMain1:17
  • 004Cuban CigarNo Perc1:17
  • 005Cuban CigarPerc1:17
  • 006Tango TeaseMain1:10
  • 007Tango TeaseNo Accordion1:10
  • 008Tango TeaseNo Piano1:10
  • 009Tango TeaseNo Perc1:10
  • 010Tango TeasePerc Bass1:10
  • 011Rio CarnivalMain1:16
  • 012Rio CarnivalNo Brass1:16
  • 013Rio CarnivalNo Piano1:16
  • 014Rio CarnivalNo Perc1:16
  • 015Israel SunriseMain1:15
  • 016Thoughts Of IsraelMain1:03
  • 017Thoughts Of IsraelNo Melody1:03
  • 018Thoughts Of IsraelNo Synths1:03
  • 019Istanbul DawnMain1:06
  • 020Istanbul DawnNo Synths1:06
  • 021Istanbul DayMain1:19
  • 022Istanbul DayNo Perc1:19
  • 023South On The TigrisMain1:33
  • 024South On The TigrisNo Perc1:33
  • 025South On The TigrisNo Synths1:33




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