Asian Landscapes

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Asian Landscapes HPM4245

Scene setting in a traditional style for Japan, China and Tibet

Hitpoint Music HPM4245

  • 001Tokyo SunriseMain1:25
  • 002Tokyo SunriseNo Perc1:25
  • 003Japan MorningMain1:39
  • 004Japan MorningSting0:08
  • 005Japan PictureMain1:40
  • 006Japan TraditionMain2:06
  • 007Shanghai EveningMain1:31
  • 008Shanghai EveningNo Synths1:31
  • 009China DynastyMain2:09
  • 010China StageMain1:28
  • 011Tibetan TempleMain1:12
  • 012Tibetan TempleNo Perc1:12
  • 013Tibetan TempleNo Synths1:12




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