Electric Ballads

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Electric Ballads HPM4244

Tuneful and relaxing music featuring electric guitar melodies

Hitpoint Music HPM4244

  • 001Shangri LaMain2:30
  • 002Village LifeMain2:15
  • 003Northern TownMain2:18
  • 004Northern TownNo Perc2:18
  • 005Northern TownSparse2:18
  • 006Sunset EclipseMain2:26
  • 007Sunset EclipseNo Drums Bass2:26
  • 008Sunset EclipseGuitars2:26
  • 009Give Me The NightMain2:22
  • 010Give Me The NightNo Lead2:22
  • 011Give Me The NightNo Drums Bass2:22
  • 012Give Me The NightRhodes Guitars2:22
  • 013Give Me The NightGuitars2:22
  • 014Sky HighMain2:08
  • 015Sky HighSparse Intro2:08
  • 016Sky HighNo Drums Bass2:08
  • 017Sky HighPads2:08
  • 018Easy TideMain2:25
  • 019RejuvenationMain2:01




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