Woodland Walks

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Woodland Walks HPM4237

Relaxed and happy pastoral acoustic folk

Hitpoint Music HPM4237

  • 001Rich NectarMain1:48
  • 002Golden FieldsMain2:14
  • 003Golden FieldsGuitar1:09
  • 004Golden FieldsNo Guitar1:39
  • 005Golden FieldsShakers0:34
  • 006Folky StrumMain1:32
  • 007Folky Strum30sec0:29
  • 008The OrchardMain3:02
  • 009The OrchardNo Glock3:02
  • 010Aloe VeraMain2:58
  • 011Summer SunMain1:34
  • 012Losing FaithMain2:09
  • 013Losing FaithNo Perc2:09
  • 014Losing FaithPiano Guitars2:09
  • 015Losing FaithPiano Only2:09
  • 016Country WalksMain1:15
  • 019Summer RainMain1:19
  • 020CowboysMain1:41
  • 021CowboysNo Lead1:41
  • 022Venetian LullabyMain1:38
  • 023Venetian Lullaby30sec0:29
  • 024Sunshine WavesMain1:29
  • 025Sunshine Waves30sec0:28
  • 026Bird InlaysMain0:29
  • 027Bird InlaysSparse0:29




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