Take A Break

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Take A Break HPM4236

Light relaxing orchestral underscore

Hitpoint Music HPM4236

  • 001RelaxMain1:46
  • 002RelaxNo Mallets1:46
  • 003RelaxNo Perc1:46
  • 004RelaxNo Piano1:46
  • 005RelaxNo Strings1:46
  • 006RelaxNo Synths1:46
  • 007At HomeMain1:36
  • 008At HomeNo Keys1:36
  • 009At HomeNo Mallets1:36
  • 010At HomeNo Perc1:36
  • 011At HomeNo Strings1:36
  • 012At HomeNo Synths1:36
  • 013At HomeNo Woodwind1:36
  • 014UncomplicatedMain1:30
  • 015UncomplicatedNo Keys1:30
  • 016UncomplicatedNo Mallets1:30
  • 017UncomplicatedNo Perc1:30
  • 018UncomplicatedNo Synths1:30
  • 019Thumb TwiddlerMain1:16
  • 020Thumb TwiddlerNo Melody1:16
  • 021Thumb TwiddlerNo Perc1:16
  • 022Thumb TwiddlerNo Strings1:16
  • 023Pure LightMain1:52
  • 024Pure LightNo Strings1:52
  • 025BreezeMain1:37
  • 026BaskMain1:25
  • 027BaskSparse1:25
  • 028Piece Of CakeMain1:27
  • 029Piece Of CakeNo Keys1:27
  • 030Piece Of CakeNo Mallets1:27
  • 031Piece Of CakeNo Perc1:27
  • 032Piece Of CakeNo Strings1:27
  • 033Piece Of CakePiano Guitar1:27
  • 034Feet UpMain1:33
  • 035Feet UpNo Piano1:33
  • 036Feet UpNo Strings1:33
  • 037Feet UpPiano1:33
  • 038Straight ForwardMain1:30
  • 039Straight ForwardNo Mallets1:30
  • 040Straight ForwardNo Perc1:30
  • 041Straight ForwardNo Piano1:30
  • 042Straight ForwardNo Synths1:30
  • 043Straight ForwardPiano1:30




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