Stately Manor

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Stately Manor HPM4234

Orchestral flavours suited to the arts, antiques, history, and a sense of pride

Hitpoint Music HPM4234

  • 001Artisan CultureMain0:51
  • 002Warm AfternoonsMain1:36
  • 003Deep NostalgicMain3:00
  • 004Deep NostalgicNo Solo Viola3:00
  • 005Cheeky ChuggyMain1:04
  • 006Stately QuestionMain1:18
  • 007Stately QuestionNo Keys1:18
  • 008Stately QuestionNo Woodwind1:18
  • 009Spring GardenMain1:20
  • 010Heroes ReturnMain1:46
  • 011Discovery Dawn 2Main1:57
  • 012Red SunsetMain2:20
  • 013Red SunsetSparse2:20
  • 014Forest EchoMain1:40
  • 015Forest EchoStrings1:40
  • 016Forest EchoPiano Thin Strings1:40
  • 017Forest EchoCellos1:40
  • 018Forest EchoPiano1:40
  • 019Seed BedMain1:39
  • 020Seed BedPiano Only1:39
  • 021Seed BedStrings Only1:39
  • 022Castle EstateMain0:32
  • 023Serpentine StringsMain1:06
  • 024Serpentine StringsAlt Mix1:09
  • 025Long Distance TravellerMain2:11
  • 026Long Distance TravellerPiano Bass Drums2:10
  • 027Piano LessonMain1:07
  • 028Piano LessonSparse1:07




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