On The Clock

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On The Clock HPM4231

Modern orchestral beds and stings for when time is of the essence

Hitpoint Music HPM4231

  • 001DiscussionMain1:36
  • 002DiscussionNo Perc1:36
  • 003DiscussionSynths1:36
  • 004DiscussionSting0:09
  • 005DiscussionSting No Swipe0:09
  • 006Precise MomentMain2:01
  • 007Piano ClockMain1:08
  • 008Piano ClockNo Delay1:08
  • 009Ticking TimebombMain2:11
  • 010Ticking TimebombNo High Pulse2:11
  • 011Thinking NowMain1:55
  • 012Good AnswerMain1:53
  • 013Good AnswerNo Perc1:53
  • 014Clock PizzMain1:08
  • 015Clock PizzNo Delay1:08
  • 016Single Sting Win 1Main0:19
  • 017Single Sting Win 2Main0:19
  • 018Single Sting Lose 1Main0:15




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