Light Propulsion

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Light Propulsion HPM4229

Modern orchestral dynamic but not dramatic

Hitpoint Music HPM4229

  • 001FluidityMain1:34
  • 002FluidityNo Perc1:34
  • 003FluidityNo Synths1:34
  • 004FluiditySynths Perc1:34
  • 005Chain LinkMain1:26
  • 006Chain LinkNo Perc1:26
  • 007Simple TasksMain1:37
  • 008Simple TasksNo Mallets1:37
  • 009Simple TasksNo Perc1:37
  • 010Simple TasksNo Synths1:37
  • 011Simple TasksSynths Perc1:37
  • 012GleamingMain1:39
  • 013GleamingNo Beat1:39
  • 014GleamingBeat1:39
  • 015GleamingSting0:07
  • 016GleamingSting No Beat0:07
  • 017AnewMain1:28
  • 018AnewNo Strings1:28
  • 019AnewPiano1:28
  • 020AnewStrings1:28
  • 021AnewGlass1:28
  • 022AnewNo Glass1:28
  • 023Inner MotionMain1:31
  • 024Inner MotionNo Strings Woodwind1:31
  • 025Inner MotionStrings Woodwind1:31




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