Emotional Strength

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Emotional Strength HPM4225

Dynamic modern orchestral with an emotional edge

Hitpoint Music HPM4225

  • 001Discovery Dawn 1Main2:04
  • 002Discovery Dawn 1No Pulse2:07
  • 003Windows Of TimeMain1:31
  • 004Windows Of TimeNo Beat1:31
  • 005Windows Of TimePiano Synths1:31
  • 006MarkedMain1:26
  • 007MarkedPiano1:26
  • 008MarkedSynths1:26
  • 009PerpendMain1:46
  • 010PerpendBeat Synths1:46
  • 011PerpendNo Perc1:46
  • 012PerpendPiano Only1:46
  • 013PerpendStraight In0:43
  • 014After TimeMain1:54
  • 015EvolvingMain2:21
  • 016CogitationMain2:07
  • 017CogitationNo Drums2:07
  • 018CogitationSparse2:07
  • 019Motivate And BuildMain2:02
  • 020Facing The ProblemMain1:41
  • 021Facing The ProblemNo Guitars1:41
  • 022Facing The ProblemNo Piano1:41
  • 023Facing The ProblemGuitars Perc1:41
  • 024Facing The ProblemSting0:11
  • 025The TurnMain2:04
  • 026Vital SignsMain1:36
  • 027Last TrainMain1:33




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