Countryside Stroll

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Countryside Stroll HPM4223

Easy going acoustic folk

Hitpoint Music HPM4223

  • 001Rolling HillsMain1:26
  • 002Rolling HillsNo Perc1:26
  • 003Rolling HillsPiano1:26
  • 004Be Still RaindropsMain1:36
  • 005Be Still Raindrops30sec0:29
  • 006Signs Of SpringMain1:54
  • 007Early SunlightMain2:19
  • 008Leaves That FallMain2:19
  • 009Evening WalkMain2:04
  • 010Steady ProgressMain1:53
  • 011Steady ProgressAcoustic1:52
  • 012Steady ProgressNo Guitars1:40
  • 013Steady ProgressShakers0:55
  • 014Family TreeMain2:24
  • 015Family TreeAcoustic Lead Short0:27
  • 016Family TreeNo Lead2:23
  • 017Growing TreeMain1:19
  • 018Growing TreeLess Chimes1:19
  • 019Growing TreeNo Chimes1:19
  • 020Evening FieldsMain2:23
  • 021Misty MorningMain1:32
  • 022Misty Morning30sec0:28
  • 023Good Day AheadMain1:30
  • 024Good Day Ahead30sec0:29
  • 025Lawn ChairsMain0:31
  • 026Lawn ChairsSparse0:31
  • 027When The Dust SettlesMain2:33
  • 028When The Dust SettlesGuitars2:33
  • 029GlistenMain1:30
  • 030GlistenNo Guitar1:29




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