American Acoustic

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American Acoustic HPM4221

Acoustic with an American flavour

Hitpoint Music HPM4221

  • 001FortuneMain1:31
  • 002FortuneNo Piano1:31
  • 003FortuneNo Perc1:31
  • 004Ride OnMain1:50
  • 005Ride OnSparse1:50
  • 006Ride On30sec0:30
  • 007Ride On60sec1:00
  • 008Hitch My PonyMain1:04
  • 009Hitch My Pony10sec0:10
  • 010Hitch My Pony30sec0:31
  • 011Hitch My PonySting0:04
  • 012Sunday DriveMain1:38
  • 013New Day DawningMain1:02
  • 014New Day Dawning10sec0:11
  • 015New Day Dawning30sec0:30
  • 016New Day DawningSting0:05
  • 017Happy HoedownMain1:29
  • 018Happy Hoedown30sec0:31
  • 019Banjo BounceMain2:05
  • 020Banjo Bounce30sec0:30
  • 021All At SeaMain1:38
  • 022All At SeaNo Harmonica1:38
  • 023All At Sea30sec0:29
  • 024All At Sea30sec No Harmonica0:29
  • 025Handy Banjo ManMain1:22
  • 026MoonshineMain0:27




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