Acoustic Night

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Acoustic Night HPM4220

Strummy acoustic guitar led tunes

Hitpoint Music HPM4220

  • 001Cover MeMain0:30
  • 002Cover MeSad Start0:31
  • 003Afternoon BreakMain0:55
  • 004Afternoon Break30sec0:30
  • 005Siesta TimeMain1:30
  • 006Siesta Time30sec0:29
  • 007Afternoon SunshineMain1:02
  • 008Afternoon SunshineNo Top Line1:01
  • 009Afternoon FunMain1:05
  • 010Afternoon FunNo Top Line1:05
  • 011Outdoor PeaceMain1:33
  • 012Outdoor PeaceGuitars1:33
  • 013Outdoor PeaceNo Perc1:33
  • 014Outdoor Peace30sec0:45
  • 015Call TimeMain0:37
  • 016Sad StartMain1:02
  • 017Sad Start30sec0:30
  • 018Sad SmileMain1:05
  • 019Easy ChairMain1:22
  • 020Easy ChairLess Gtr1:22
  • 021Easy Chair30sec0:30
  • 022Keep RunningMain1:39
  • 023Keep Running30sec0:29
  • 024Folk ClubMain0:32
  • 025Folk ClubNo Claps0:32
  • 026Acoustic BoxMain0:37
  • 027Acoustic BoxSparse0:37
  • 028Sun StrippedMain0:26




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