Technology Laboratory

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Technology Laboratory HPM4213

Futuristic electronica

Hitpoint Music HPM4213

  • 001OscillationsMain2:07
  • 002Dynamic VortexMain2:54
  • 003Hot PlatingMain1:32
  • 005Sellectronic Tension BeatsMain1:38
  • 006Savannah JourneyMain1:59
  • 007Red BricksMain1:26
  • 008Next Years Tech TodayMain2:46
  • 009Next Years Tech TodayDrums Bass2:42
  • 010Next Years Tech TodayRiff Only0:18
  • 011Next Years Tech TodaySynth Only0:44
  • 012WatercressMain3:02
  • 013White RoomMain2:21
  • 014Branch OutMain1:11
  • 015Branch OutNo Piano1:11
  • 016Branch OutNo Whistle1:11
  • 017Branch OutNo Piano Whistle1:11
  • 018FlockMain2:00
  • 019FlockNo Vox2:00
  • 020Phone HomeMain1:01
  • 021Phone HomeNo Chimes1:01
  • 022Dawn AdventureMain1:37
  • 023Dawn AdventureNo Perc Strings1:41
  • 024Dawn AdventureMallets Perc1:37
  • 025Urgent RequestMain1:42
  • 026Mystic TwistMain2:04
  • 027TechspeakMain2:04
  • 028TechspeakDrum Loop0:11
  • 029TechspeakScratch Loop0:11
  • 030TechspeakVibes0:40
  • 031Todays Tech YesterdayMain2:38
  • 032Todays Tech YesterdayBass0:26
  • 033Todays Tech YesterdayMarimba1:36
  • 034Todays Tech YesterdayNo Synth Lead2:36
  • 035Todays Tech YesterdayPercussion0:38
  • 036Todays Tech YesterdayReverse Loops0:51
  • 037Away To The SunMain2:16
  • 038GaslightMain2:03




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