Ultimate Acoustic Folk

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Ultimate Acoustic Folk HPM4207

Strumming guitars with a relaxing and happy mood

Hitpoint Music HPM4207

  • 001HayrideMain1:54
  • 002HayrideNo Drums1:54
  • 003HayrideNo Drums Tune1:54
  • 004HayrideNo Tune1:54
  • 005HayrideChilled Mix1:54
  • 006HayrideChilled Mix No Tune1:54
  • 007Hidden WaterfallMain1:40
  • 008Hidden WaterfallNo Guitars1:40
  • 009Hidden WaterfallNo Perc1:40
  • 010Hidden WaterfallGuitar Rhodes Perc1:40
  • 011Hidden WaterfallGuitar Rhodes Shaker1:40
  • 012Another TimeMain2:14
  • 013Another TimeNo Perc2:14
  • 014Another TimeNo Top Line2:14
  • 015Another TimeAcoustics2:14
  • 016Another TimeAcoustics No Top Line2:14
  • 017Bramble PickingMain1:21
  • 018Bramble PickingNo Main Guitar1:21
  • 019Bramble PickingNo Drums1:21
  • 020Bramble PickingGuitars Uke Claps1:21
  • 021Pastures NewMain1:19
  • 022Pastures NewNo Perc1:19
  • 023Pastures NewNo Drums Bass Lead1:19
  • 024Pastures NewDrums Bass Lead1:19
  • 025Waiting For The RainMain1:27
  • 026Waiting For The RainNo Top Line No Gtr1:27
  • 027Waiting For The RainNo Synths No Gtr1:27
  • 028Waiting For The RainAcoustics1:27
  • 029Boats In The HarbourMain1:21
  • 030Boats In The HarbourNo Bass Perc1:21
  • 031Boats In The HarbourBeats Bass Keys1:21
  • 032Boats In The HarbourBeats Keys Gtr1:21
  • 033Boats In The HarbourGuitars1:21
  • 034Wild Flower ValleyMain1:58
  • 035Wild Flower ValleyNo Lead1:58
  • 036Wild Flower ValleyPads Perc Pulse1:58
  • 037Wild Flower ValleyGuitars No Lead1:58
  • 038Wild Flower ValleySoft Mix1:58
  • 039Shady CornerMain1:05
  • 040Shady CornerNo Bass1:05
  • 041Shady CornerNo Piano1:05
  • 042Fishing VillageMain1:20
  • 043Fishing VillageNo Bass1:20
  • 044Fishing VillageNo Electric Guitar1:20
  • 045Fishing VillageNo Glock1:20
  • 046Fishing VillageGuitars1:20
  • 047Autumn PathwayMain1:08
  • 048Trip To The MarketMain1:17




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