Classical Styles

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Classical Styles HPM4206

Selection of classical music styles. Regal connotations

Hitpoint Music HPM4206

  • 001PeerageMain1:22
  • 002PeerageNo Strings1:22
  • 003PeerageStrings1:22
  • 004PeerageSting0:09
  • 005Alleluia AmenMain1:38
  • 006Alleluia AmenSting0:10
  • 007Bach Worse Than BiteMain1:39
  • 008King And CountryMain1:24
  • 009Hard To HandelMain1:38
  • 010NoblesseMain1:20
  • 011NoblesseHarpsichord1:20
  • 012NoblesseStrings1:20
  • 013NoblesseSting 10:09
  • 014NoblesseSting 20:09
  • 015NoblesseSting 30:09
  • 016PastoraleMain1:04
  • 017PassionataMain2:20
  • 018PassionataNo Strings2:20
  • 020HeatherMain2:54
  • 021Noctural ChopinMain1:01
  • 022Cold BreezeMain2:35




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