Warm Backdrop

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Warm Backdrop HPM4204

Ambient beds with a relaxed or uplifting feeling

Hitpoint Music HPM4204

  • 001Made With LoveMain1:32
  • 002Made With LoveSparse1:55
  • 003Drifting TideMain1:24
  • 004Drifting TideNo Arps Perc1:24
  • 005Drifting TideNo Perc1:24
  • 006Drifting TideNo Piano1:24
  • 007Drifting TidePiano Only1:24
  • 008Calm AwakeningMain1:07
  • 009The Flower GardenMain2:08
  • 010Ambient SunMain2:26
  • 011Onwards And UpwardsMain2:18
  • 012Time ZonesMain2:09
  • 013Time ZonesSparse2:09
  • 014Alaskan WildernessMain1:51
  • 015Liquid GuitarMain2:11
  • 016Liquid Guitar30sec0:32
  • 017Liquid Guitar60sec1:00
  • 018Summer HideawayMain2:02
  • 019Aliens In LoveMain2:09
  • 020Finding The CureMain2:32
  • 021Finding The CureBass0:27
  • 022Finding The CureDrums0:16
  • 023Finding The CureKeys1:29
  • 024Maybe GoodbyeMain1:03
  • 025Maybe GoodbyeNo Piano1:08
  • 026Maybe GoodbyePiano1:03
  • 027Maybe GoodbyePiano No Delay1:03




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