Gloomy Surroundings

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Gloomy Surroundings HPM4203

Ambient beds with a hint of melancholy or suspense

Hitpoint Music HPM4203

  • 001Lost TogetherMain2:02
  • 002Joining The DotsMain1:45
  • 003Joining The DotsNo Bass Perc1:45
  • 004Arctic LandscapeMain1:58
  • 005Singapore DaybreakMain1:50
  • 006Morning MistMain2:49
  • 007Morning MistNo Drums2:49
  • 008FormulationMain2:53
  • 009FormulationBass1:03
  • 010FormulationFlutter0:57
  • 011FormulationMarimba1:20
  • 012FormulationPiano1:34
  • 013FormulationPizz0:54
  • 014FormulationPulses0:54
  • 015FormulationSynth Lead0:24
  • 016Snake GuitarMain1:09
  • 017DNA SeverityMain1:52
  • 018DNA SeverityNo Guitar1:52
  • 019MistereMain3:16
  • 020MistereDrones3:16
  • 021MistereSting0:22
  • 022Dancing Sea HorsesMain1:42




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