Pizz Overload 3

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Pizz Overload 3 HPM4202

Another album of simple sparse pizz underscore music

Hitpoint Music HPM4202

  • 001Wishful ThinkingMain1:58
  • 002Deep In ThoughtMain2:48
  • 003Aces SpyMain1:59
  • 004Aces SpyNo Perc1:59
  • 005Behind YouMain1:12
  • 006Behind YouNo Perc1:12
  • 007RattlesnakesMain2:34
  • 008RattlesnakesNo Top Line2:34
  • 009RattlesnakesNo Guitars2:34
  • 010RattlesnakesBreakdown0:59
  • 011Gold LeafMain2:25
  • 012Tea With The AdmiralMain1:55
  • 013Pressing OnMain1:59
  • 014Hidden DelightMain1:21
  • 015Hidden DelightSparse1:20
  • 016Through The MazeMain1:43
  • 017Autumn WalksMain1:55
  • 018Autumn WalksSparse Faster1:52
  • 019Evens OutMain0:32
  • 020Something WrongMain1:01
  • 021Funny SmileMain0:42
  • 022Funny SmileNo Perc0:42
  • 023Kew GardensMain1:42
  • 024Whispering TailsMain1:11




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