Synth Overload

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Synth Overload HPM4188

Science and the future

Hitpoint Music HPM4188

  • 001CybernatedMain1:32
  • 002CybernatedSparse1:32
  • 003CybernatedSting0:10
  • 004Circuit BreakoutMain1:24
  • 005Circuit BreakoutNo Beat1:24
  • 006Future LandscapeMain1:24
  • 007ImpetusMain1:26
  • 008ImpetusNo Perc1:26
  • 009ImpetusSynths Perc1:26
  • 010DiscoverMain1:43
  • 011DiscoverSynths1:43
  • 012DiscoverSparse1:43
  • 013ConvolutionMain1:49
  • 014ConvolutionNo Mallets1:49
  • 015ConvolutionNo Perc1:49
  • 016ConvolutionNo Synths1:49
  • 017ConvolutionPerc Bass1:49
  • 018Synthetic SphereMain1:21
  • 019Synthetic SphereNo Beat1:21
  • 020Tech RevoltMain1:29
  • 021Tech RevoltNo Perc1:29
  • 022Tech RevoltPerc Only1:29
  • 023Fire FiendMain1:30
  • 024Fire FiendNo Beat1:30
  • 025GalvanismMain1:40
  • 026GalvanismNo Beat1:40




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