EDM Styles

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EDM Styles HPM4181

Broad selection of tracks inspired by dance music genres

Hitpoint Music HPM4181

  • 001Reality OneMain1:27
  • 002Reality OneBeat Loop1:27
  • 003Reality OneNo Lead1:27
  • 004Reality OneNo Lead Kick1:27
  • 005Speaking Of DubstepMain0:58
  • 006Speaking Of DubstepNo Lead Synth0:58
  • 007Bounce To The RhythmMain1:03
  • 008Feel The NoiseMain1:07
  • 009The RushMain0:57
  • 010Paper ChaseMain1:01
  • 011Paper ChaseBass Drums1:01
  • 012Paper ChaseNo Bass1:01
  • 013Paper ChasePerc1:01
  • 014Paper ChaseStrings Bells1:01
  • 015Nocturnal LifeMain1:32
  • 016Two SteppingMain1:29
  • 017Wish You Could SeeMain1:48
  • 018Petro FlipperMain1:23
  • 019Dalston GrimeMain1:37
  • 020Wonderful WorldMain1:12
  • 022Make Some NoiseMain1:32
  • 023NY ClubMain1:28
  • 024Firm And FairgroundMain2:14
  • 025All NighterMain1:43
  • 026All NighterNo Beat1:43
  • 027All NighterSparse1:43




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