Inspiring Pop

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Inspiring Pop HPM4178

Inspiring and uplifting, pop and rock music

Hitpoint Music HPM4178

  • 001SixteenMain1:55
  • 002SixteenDrums Drones1:55
  • 003SixteenNo Drums1:55
  • 004SixteenNo Piano No Heavy Guitars1:55
  • 005SixteenPiano Synths Acoustics1:55
  • 006SixteenShort Full Mix1:03
  • 007SixteenShort Drums Drones1:03
  • 008SixteenShort No Drums1:03
  • 009SixteenShort No Piano No Heavy Guitars1:03
  • 010SixteenShort Piano Synths Acoustics1:03
  • 011Duet BigMain1:54
  • 012WaterfieldMain1:52
  • 013WaterfieldGuitars1:52
  • 014WaterfieldNo Drums1:52
  • 015WaterfieldNo Piano No Heavy Guitars1:52
  • 016WaterfieldPads Bass1:52
  • 017WaterfieldPerc Strings Guitars1:52
  • 018April SongMain1:34
  • 019April SongGuitars Strings1:34
  • 020April SongNo Drums1:34
  • 021April SongNo Piano Strings1:34
  • 022April RepriseMain1:26
  • 023April RepriseGuitars Strings1:26
  • 024April RepriseNo Drums1:26
  • 025April ReprisePiano Strings1:26
  • 026Inspiring IndieMain3:06
  • 027Inspiring IndieAcoustic3:06
  • 028Inspiring IndieNo Drums3:06
  • 029Inspiring IndieNo Guitars3:06
  • 030Inspiring IndieNo Keys3:06
  • 031Inspiring IndieNo Lead3:06
  • 032Ascending AngelsMain3:14
  • 033Ascending AngelsAcoustic3:14
  • 034Ascending AngelsLess Guitar3:14
  • 035Ascending AngelsNo Drums3:14
  • 036Ascending AngelsNo Guitar3:14
  • 037Ascending AngelsNo Lead3:14
  • 038Ascending AngelsNo Synth3:14
  • 039The Only ChanceMain1:44
  • 040The Only ChanceNo Drums1:44
  • 041Good CompanyMain2:55
  • 042Good CompanyLess Full3:06
  • 043Good CompanyLess Guitar2:55
  • 044Good CompanyNo Drums2:55
  • 045Good CompanyNo Lead2:55
  • 046Good CompanyNo Piano2:55




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