Bluegrass Americana

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Bluegrass Americana HPM4177

Laid back slide guitar and blues

Hitpoint Music HPM4177

  • 001Slide VibeMain3:00
  • 002Stranger In TownMain1:04
  • 003Stranger In TownNo Perc1:03
  • 004Piston HeadMain0:34
  • 005Piston Head30sec0:29
  • 006Chicken CoupeMain1:30
  • 007Crocodile BbqMain1:17
  • 008Travelling BluesMain1:31
  • 009Travelling Blues30sec0:30
  • 010Mining TimeMain1:30
  • 011Mining Time30sec0:30
  • 012Bullets BourbonMain1:30
  • 013Slow Day At The RanchMain1:30
  • 014Stolen TractorMain2:11
  • 015Stolen TractorShort0:54
  • 016Day OneMain1:04
  • 017Day OneSparse1:04
  • 018Porch LightMain0:40
  • 019Strip LightingMain0:32
  • 020Strip LightingThin0:33
  • 021Dusty DesertMain1:02
  • 022Dusty DesertNo Lead1:02




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