Urban Strut

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Urban Strut HPM4174

Self respect in the urban landscape

Hitpoint Music HPM4174

  • 001Aloof RichMain1:03
  • 002Aloof RichGroove Piano1:03
  • 003Aloof RichGroove Sequence1:03
  • 004Aloof RichNo Stab1:03
  • 005Bling RichMain0:56
  • 006Bling RichGroove Synth0:56
  • 007Show HomeMain1:14
  • 008Show HomeGroove1:14
  • 009Show HomeSparse1:14
  • 010Show HomeThinner1:14
  • 011Show HomeThinner With Bass1:14
  • 012As RichMain1:08
  • 013As RichAlt Groove Top Line1:08
  • 014As RichGroove1:08
  • 015As RichGroove Scratch1:08
  • 016As RichSparse1:08
  • 017Act RichMain1:13
  • 018Act RichNo Stab1:13
  • 019Act RichSparse1:13
  • 020Walk OnMain1:44
  • 021Water BreakerMain1:09
  • 022Also RichMain0:31
  • 023Also RichDrums Synth0:31
  • 024Also RichNo Drums0:31
  • 025Also RichNo Top Synth0:31
  • 026Angry RichMain0:48
  • 027Angry RichAlt Groove0:48
  • 028Angry RichBass And One Groove0:48
  • 029Angry RichLess Groove0:48
  • 030Cool RichMain0:33
  • 031Cool RichGroove0:33
  • 032Cool RichNo Top Synth0:33
  • 033Cool RichSparse0:33
  • 034Atm RichMain0:45
  • 035Atm RichGroove Hit0:45
  • 036Atm RichNo Hit0:45
  • 037All RichMain1:23
  • 038All RichGroove And Big Hits1:23
  • 039All RichGroove And Hits1:23
  • 040All RichGroove And Synth1:23
  • 041All RichGroove Only1:23
  • 042All RichNo Hits1:23




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