Comedy Quirks

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Comedy Quirks HPM4172

Awkward and light-hearted moments

Hitpoint Music HPM4172

  • 001Latin BassMain2:05
  • 002Angry AcrobatsMain1:21
  • 003Childs PlayMain1:35
  • 004Childs PlayGuitar1:58
  • 005Coffee CoffeeMain1:37
  • 006Elevator RideMain1:10
  • 007Elevator RideNo Trumpet Solo1:10
  • 008Elevator RideNo Perc1:10
  • 009Elevator RidePerc Bass1:10
  • 010Glass CirclesMain0:24
  • 011Glass CirclesPizz0:20
  • 012Too GoodMain1:34
  • 013Too GoodLess Bells1:34
  • 014Too Good30sec0:33
  • 015Too Good30sec No Pizz0:33
  • 016Too Good30sec Sparse0:33
  • 017Too Good60sec1:03
  • 018Too Good60sec Less Bells1:03
  • 019Too GoodEnd Hit0:06
  • 020Tumbling TotsMain0:31
  • 021Koolest KidMain0:55
  • 022Merrily RoundMain2:32
  • 023Merrily RoundNo Organ1:55
  • 024Plod AlongMain1:24
  • 025Strut The PlankMain1:21
  • 026Strut The PlankNo Drums Bass1:20
  • 027Strut The PlankDrums Bass1:16
  • 028Trapezey Does ItMain1:10
  • 029Trapezey Does ItNo Lead1:10




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