Into The Ring

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Into The Ring HPM4171

Epic guitar energy suited to high intensity sports and promo videos

Hitpoint Music HPM4171

  • 001Car WarsMain1:15
  • 002OrchestronMain1:25
  • 003Silver BulletMain1:49
  • 004Silver BulletSynths1:49
  • 005Silver BulletNo Perc1:49
  • 006Silver BulletNo Top Synth1:49
  • 007Last HourMain3:14
  • 008Sporting The NationMain2:04
  • 009Sporting The NationShort Edit1:49
  • 010All We Need Is LoveMain3:42
  • 011Best Day In LifeMain3:26
  • 012Rugged GuitarMain1:06
  • 013I Can See YouMain1:33
  • 014I Can See YouNo Drums1:33
  • 015I Can See YouNo Guitars1:33
  • 016I Can See YouNo Keys1:33
  • 017I Can See YouPunch Ending1:33
  • 018Beady EyesMain1:34
  • 019Beady EyesDrums Synths1:34
  • 020Beady EyesNo Drums1:34
  • 021Beady EyesPercussion Synths1:34
  • 022Avenue FunkMain2:17
  • 023Avenue FunkSting0:12
  • 024Lets MoveMain1:18
  • 025Mountain DriveMain3:01
  • 026Mountain DriveSparse3:01
  • 027Mountain Drive30sec0:30
  • 028Mountain Drive60sec1:00
  • 029Look At MeMain2:27
  • 030Look At MeNo Guitars2:27
  • 031Look At MeNo Top Synth2:27
  • 032Look At MeDrums Drones2:27
  • 033Look At MeSynths Effects2:27
  • 034UprisingMain1:46
  • 035UprisingBed 11:04
  • 036UprisingBed 21:04
  • 037UprisingSparse1:46
  • 038The BuildMain1:27




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