Rock Styles 2

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Rock Styles 2 HPM4170

A second album covering a very broad selection of rock music styles

Hitpoint Music HPM4170

  • 001Dusty PickupMain1:46
  • 002Dusty PickupNo Lead Guitars1:45
  • 003Dusty PickupGuitar Bass Drums1:46
  • 004Dusty PickupSparse1:46
  • 005Dusty PickupDrums1:43
  • 006Rocky RidgeMain1:42
  • 007Rocky RidgeLess Guitars1:42
  • 008Rocky RidgeNo Guitars1:42
  • 009Rocky RidgeSparse1:42
  • 010Rocky RidgeSparse With Guitar1:42
  • 011Blown SpeakersMain1:21
  • 012Blown SpeakersSparse1:21
  • 013Hot TubesMain1:32
  • 014Hot TubesNo Lead1:32
  • 015Red TeeshirtMain1:34
  • 016Red TeeshirtSlow1:04
  • 017Texas TruckMain1:45
  • 018Texas TruckNo Lead1:45
  • 019Vintage AmpMain1:48
  • 020Vintage AmpNo Lead1:07
  • 021Custom BikeMain1:48
  • 022Custom BikePiano No Drums1:52
  • 023Custom BikeWith Piano1:49
  • 024Diesel PumpMain1:56
  • 025Diesel PumpNo Riff Guitar1:56
  • 026Snake RanchMain1:22
  • 027Stick ShiftMain1:08
  • 028Stick ShiftAlt Guitar1:08
  • 029Stick ShiftNo Guitar1:08
  • 030Trash RockMain1:22
  • 031Trash RockSparse1:22
  • 032Trash Rock30sec0:30
  • 033Drone Attack RockMain1:09
  • 034Drone Attack RockBass Drums1:09
  • 035Drone Attack RockGuitars1:09
  • 036Drone Attack RockSparse1:09
  • 037Truck StopMain1:40
  • 038Truck StopNo Guitar1:40
  • 039Truck StopNo Piano1:40
  • 040Dirty Dune BuggyMain1:29
  • 041Rock SolidMain1:57




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